Residency, Performances and Workshop at L'atelier Kunst Spiel Raum as part of Month of Performance

Natalie Adams (UK) Christine Cheung (CAN) Arianna Rodeghiero (IT) and WOOGURU (KR) Videographer: Florian Klein (DE)
24 April – 05 May 2013

During our residency at L’Atelier we explored, together with dance collaborators Arianna Rodeghiero (IT) and WOOGURU (KR), the relationships within body, gesture, sound and visual production. 

Over the course of ten days, we employed elementary materials such as industrial iron plates, rope, salt, chalk and charcoal,  and used the gallery space as pictorial surfaces through drawing and dance. Here patterns begin to emerge in terms of sound, observation, echo and erasure as well as gestural relationships. Through large-scale artworks, video and sound installation, fragments of performative gestures and live actions, we improvised mark-making and body movement. The public was invited to observe past and on-going performances; the realms of drawing and dancing became blurred.  

Thanks to Florian Klein for documenting and creating this video: 

Invisible Drawing GREY AREA - The Process from Florian Ben Graziano Klein on Vimeo.

 Installation photo: Judith Lavagna and bpigs

 Installation shot, photo: Natalie Adams

Hand piece, WOOGURU and Cheung, photo: Judith Lavagna

The dancer moves with his hand and the painter periodically follows the gesture and timing of the dancer. 

Echo piece, Natalie Adams, WOOGURU, Arianna Rodeghiero and Christine Cheung,

All face away from the drawing on the wall and are unable to see the result. The drawer responded to each dancer as they improvised movements, either through copying their gestures or through the echoing of their action. The dancers responded to the sound of the drawing materials.


 Sound piece, WOOGURU and Christine Cheung
Photos: bpigs and Judith Lavagna

WOOGURU (KR) improvises bodily movement on iron platse with his feet. Mics underneath the plates amplify the sound.  The drawer responds by improvised drawing on the plate with chalk, and also produces sounds. The dancer sometimes responds to these marks and the drawer.