Session with Natalie Adams

These performances are part of a continuum of works that are an exploration between
the trace of a dancer and the trace of a painter and the attempt to find a middle ground.

Put a Stop To (Experiments in the Studio)

In the piece, the dancer physically interferes with the mark-making
of the painter. This produces unconscious and accidental marks on the paper.

Watch the process of this piece, here:

Natalie's turn at drawing (below).

Invisible Drawings in collaboration with Natalie Adams of Seed Sew


Video documentation of first experiments at Templehof Park, Berlin Germany with Natalie Adams of SeedSew.


Invisible Drawings workshop with Struts Gallery

As part of a workshop Cheung organized in Sackville New Brunswick in June 2009. The workshop was an opportunity for the public to participate in the act of drawing on a large scale using ephemeral marks in a public space. Thanks to the staff at Struts Gallery for making it possible!